We're Redesigning How Businesses & Consumers Get Goods

We're building a fair and better way to trade goods worldwide that meets the demands of any business size and budget while keeping sustainability as the top priority. With the latest technology ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to real time tracking and communication businesses will finally get the data and protection they need.

Driving innovation to protect our planet is at the forefront of our smart design. We're developing new ways to think about products - from cradle to grave - and providing insights for both brands and consumers that simply do not exist at present.

It's time to revolutionise the way we consume.

Designed For Everyone

Enterprise software is only half of the battle. Exploitation of the worlds poorest can't be solved without smart design, communication, education and protection. By working closely with makers, farmers, cooperatives and manufacturers we're working on a solution that truly works for everyone.

By having validators check in on suppliers, listen to concerns and verify compliance is met our solution isn't just a sexy bit of tech. It's an evolving eco system with rapid response offering protection for brands and suppliers where no voice goes unheard.

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Seriously Compelling

Our solutions provide benefits not just for the planet, but also our clients. With our smart design you'll get features and insights that simply do not exist at present, as well as plenty that are only a dream for small businesses. It's time to get smarter and obtain data that will guide your business to new horizons.

Fraudulent activity is hard to solve within complex supply chains. But using new technologies we can help protect brands and add further layers of security to keep brand images strong and intact.

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Smarter Packaging

We're building a supply network that not only revolutionises the way products are sourced but also how they're packaged. By providing a new way for brands to think about packaging and offer services that have never before been possible we will transform the waste industry.

By rethinking how we design and offer products we can also hugely reduce carbon emissions, deforestation and pollution whilst increasing brand profits, reputations and sustainability metrics.

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Worldwide But Not One Entity

Our aim isn't to make as much profit as possible. It's about providing innovation and improving the world we live in. Instead of trying to expand through holding a tight grip and monopolising, we will provide a blueprint whereby other businesses can join us where makes sense to do so.

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The Road To Success

To see what we've achieved and where we're up to we have a dedicated roadmap page here. To truly succeed in our grand plan we will need your help. Shout out about us, tell your friends and follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list and stay informed. You can also visit our shop to support us even further at tecorra.co.uk.

We're now looking for retailers and brands in the coming months to join us through private R&D. So if you're a curious business owner you can sign up to find out more, with no obligation here. If you're a consumer who loves what you see we're doing, please do point your favourite brands our way.

Contact Us

Have a question? Send an email to hello@qnos.uk and we'll get back to you.