QNOS Roadmap

Our Road Map

Here you can see our progress as we begin a revolution in the way we consume goods. The dashed line represents the point at which targets may be updated and changed in the future. Green ticks indicate a completed quarter. Missed targets are moved into subsequent quarters. Cancelled targets are indicated with a line-through.


Q4, 2019

  • Connect with UK fulfilment centers
  • Identify brands to retail whome share our values
  • Connect with wholesalers and brands
  • Launch Tecorra (Launched November 2019)

Q1, 2020

  • Build up to 500 followers across social media channels
  • Build up product lines
  • Identify similar brands for co-op in the future

Q2, 2020

  • Build up to 1,000 followers across social media channels
  • Upgrade website
  • Public circular economy research
  • Trial various own brand methods
  • Understand CE limitations, gain access to manufacturing insights

Q3, 2020

  • Build up to 1,500 followers across social media channels
  • Automate as many back end admin tasks as possible
  • Bring fulfilment in-house *
  • Analyse onboarding food lines
  • Obtain circular economy insights through food brand & manufacturers
  • Analyse UK infrastructure
  • Conduct financial analysis against initial QNOS plan
* Fulfilment was brought in-house earlier than planned (Q1 2021) due to astronimical fee increases caused by COVID-19.

Q4, 2020

  • Review upcoming packaging innovations
  • Build up to 2,000 followers across social media channels
  • Review waste disposal options in the UK
  • Visit and use German waste facilities
  • Research other worldwide waste management services

Q1, 2021

  • Analyse typical import processes from Asia and Euope
  • Analyse the potential hazards around the circular economy (CE)
  • Detect which third parties potential partners for CE development
  • Review complexities for small businesses and ensure the solution accepts over 90% of businesses
  • Review solutions of supply chains reimagined

Q2, 2021

  • Connect with local farmers in Tanzania
  • Soft launch QNOS website
  • Review certificate authentication
  • Real world financial viability analysis
  • Begin Project Phoenix Proof of Concept(s)

Q3, 2021

  • Public QNOS website launch
  • Review 3-5 food supply chains
  • Liase with local co-operatives and wholesalers
  • Connect with at least one exporter in Tanzania to the rest of the world
  • 50% completion of Project Phoenix Version 1 Development
  • Obtain 100+ Brand Sign ups
  • Obtain 100+ Retailer Sign ups

Q4, 2021

  • Review problems faced for Tanzanian exporters
  • QNOS beta version complete
  • QNOS public press release
  • QNOS marketing
  • Obtain QNOS Project Phoenix funding
  • Begin board of directors hiring
  • Completion of Project Phoenix Version 1 Development

Q1, 2022

  • Final network testing
  • Board of directors hiring complete
  • Staff onboarding
  • Premises found & kitted out
  • Private Test Net
  • Project Phoenix Launch *
*launch expected very late Q1 or Q2