Project Phoenix
Smart packaging
Rethinking Packaging 

Project Phoenix: Building The Reuse Economy

Project Phoenix is our first innovation in drastically altering the way we package goods. Using a range of technologies and collaboration with third parties we will provide a new way for brands to design and use packaging, offering a more sustainable service to their customers.

For phase one, we aim build the network to handle a nationwide transition of brands moving towards reusable packaging. We will provide the means for packaging to come back to us, sort it, get it washed, and returned to the brands for refill. Brands obtain a full re-use infrastructure without the administrative headache or financial risk.

We can handle any business size: big and small. As long as you sell over 50 items a week, we can make our pricing work for you. We aim to remove this limitation completely in phase 3. We're happy to forward sorted packaging to your delegated third party for washing for brands that already have a system in place.

With a range of smart analytics, features, and insights, brands that join our scheme get a lot more than just an affordable circular infrastructure. Our success lies in yours, and we're developing a suite of tools at your disposal (pun intended) to make sure you do better than your single-use competitors. We also offer advice and smarter ways to onboard new reusable packaging to accelerate the transition to a healthier consumption model. It's time to tear down our take-make-dispose economy and do better.

By reducing waste, we reduce a whole range of issues including carbon emissions, deforestation, chemical pollution and habitat loss. With a step by step plan set in place, we're ready to transition not just a few brands, but the entire UK into our reuse infrastructure.

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